25 Years in the Business

Mortgage Technology Expert

General Consulting

Most general consulting assignments center around helping mortgage technology firms develop their products and their markets.Scott becomes immersed in the companies, their products and their goals.He helps answer the tough questions about the companies’ potential revenues, market position, product pricing, sales structure and much more. Ultimately, the goal is company success which can lead to an eventual acquisition. For a typical first day consulting agenda, click here.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Scott has unmatched experience in the area of buying and selling mortgage technology firms, having worked on over a dozen M&A engagements. For the seller, Scott can position a company to be sold, write the book, discreetly find a buyer and then help negotiate the final contracts. For a buyer, he can provide fair value analysis, spotlight potential pitfalls and help find companies that provide the highest synergistic value.​


Scott regularly writes a column for Mortgage Banking magazine and is frequently quoted by the industry press, business journals and the WSJ. He can be easily reached by reporters for candid and unbiased quotes.


​Scott is available to help draw attendees to conferences as a featured speaker. Most topics involve technology projections, discussions of past industry failures and common sense analysis of current technology solutions.

Speaking - Scott is available to help draw attendees to
conferences as a featured speaker.  Most topics involve 
technology projections, discussions of past industry 
failures and common sense analysis of current 
technology solutions.

Consulting Fees

Scott’s services are available for a few hours for simple engagements, or for days, weeks or months depending on need. Hourly rates run at $250 per hour, or fixed project fees can be arranged.  Travel time is billed at half rate.  Other costs include all customary travel expenses and necessary materials..