25 Years in the Business

Mortgage Technology Expert
Placeholder As an expert in mortgage technology, Scott is called upon by members of Congress to articulate technology issues facing the mortgage industry.  The specific inquiries are related to how the GSE technology initiatives impact the health of the mortgage industry.  Listed below are two white papers submitted to members of Congress and a few articles that Scott has authored that discuss GSE technology issues.  Note however, changes at Freddie Mac in 2004-2006 have mostly mitigated the issues found in these papers.  See the article in the August 2006 issue of Mortgage Banking for more detail.

GSE's and Their Technological Impacts - April 2005

​In early 2002 Scott spent time up on the Hill meeting with key Senators and Congressmen that were involved with GSE regulatory issues.  This white paper was the sole document used to describe to the lawmakers how the GSE's technologies impact the mortgage industry.

GSE Technology Initiatives - February 2002

Articles that discuss GSE technology:

​Mortgage Banking Magazine - Apr. '05 - "Is Automation Influencing R.E. Cycles"

​Mortgage Banking Magazine - Nov. '04 - "What I Want For Christmas From The GSE's"

Mortgage Banking Magazine - Jul. '04 - "For The Benefit of Consumers"

Mortgage Banking Magazine - May '04 - "Technology and Mortgage Economics"

Mortgage Banking Magazine - Aug '03 - "Settlement Service Automation"