25 Years in the Business

Mortgage Technology Expert

​Some Common Assignments

After leaving Ellie Mae, Scott has had a number of consulting projects and speaking engagements.  Names and identifiable details are kept confidential when requested.  Because of the highly confidential nature of Scott's work, references are difficult to provide for most work.  However, it is recommended to ask around the industry (especially among mortgage technologists) to ascertain Scott's solid reputation.

​Dynatek, Inc - The founders of this market leading firm hired Scott to produce a "book" and market the company to potential strategic acquirors.  Scott found a buyer and consummated a full sale at the asking price.

​Mortgage Technology E-commerce Firm - This company hired Scott to evaluate the opportunities to sell solutions to the mortgage broker market segment.  Scott helped with the overall strategy as well as pricing, marketing, positioning and competitive analysis.

​Startup Mortgage Technology Firm - This company specializing in eMortgage type solutions needed solid advice about their prospects in the marketplace.  Scott worked with investors and management to discuss product potential, product shaping, pricing, marketing, etc.

​Division of GE - GE hired Scott to review investment opportunities in the mortgage technology arena.  Scott reviewed all potential opportunities and the merits of each.  Scott's viewpoints were crucial to their 8 figure investment decisions.

Expert Witness/Litigation Consulting - Scott is serving as a consultant and expert witness in IMX, Inc. vs Lending Tree, LLC - a patent infringement suit involving mortgage technology.

​Speaker - The Illinois Association of Mortgage Bankers needed a keynote speaker to help draw attendees to their annual conference.  Scott provided a lunch time speech covering all recent technology developments and their applicability to the members future.

​LOS Selection - A mid-size mortgage banking firm was having difficulty choosing between inexpensive LOS's coupled with best of breed solutions, and the more expensive end-to-end solutions.  Scott was used to poke holes in their existing analysis and to help insure they were making the right choice.

​Working with a Top Mortgage Tech Firm - There are a wide variety of very difficult choices that can including pricing, product upgrades, maintenance fees, R&D issues, resource allocation, partnering, etc.  Scott adds significant value by poking holes in business plans and laying out how things can go astray.  With 25 years, he has seen just about every mistake made and knows what has worked well.

​Speaker - The Mortgage Bankers Association selected Scott to speak at the Annual Mortgage Technology Conference.  The speech was both animated and entertaining.  With five minutes before the start, every one of the 300+ seats were filled.  Eventually attendees were turned away at the door.  The speech turned out to be the talk of the conference - many projections were made as to which technologies would succeed and which would be likely to fail.